“The most important decision you’ll ever make has nothing to do with your money or career – it is who you marry

GodGift Ifunanya
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Choosing the right person from the start of a relationship is critical. Finding someone that shares your values, you are physically attracted to, pushes you to be better and lights you up inside is the goal.

Let me share with you some of the life’s lesson I learnt from my parents.

1) We all communicate differently.

Study your partner. Meet them halfway—and then go a little further. Understand their love languages. Disagree respectfully.

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(2) Look for the good.

Some years will suck. It won’t always be that way. Focus on the journey and let the milestones surprise you. The best stuff is in the mundane.

(3) Be a great teammate.

Life is hard. Doing it with someone you love, trust, and admire is far easier. Treat marriage like the best team you’ve ever played on.

(4) You’re never done winning them over.

Marriage is a verb—an ongoing commitment. Be thoughtful. Do the small things. Always be serving.

(5) Don’t keep score—it’ll never be 50/50.

Marriage is a bunch of give and take. Play to each others strengths. Pick up the slack when needed—your time will come.

(6) Be each others #1 fans.

Listen, support, and encourage them. Help them realize their potential. When they fail, be the first to pick them up. When they succeed, be the first to say “I told you so”.

(7) Don’t give up.

Ruthlessly prioritize the one’s you love.

Marriage is an integral part of life that a wrong decision can cause you a lot. For those who are already married, ask God to help you make it work. For those who are not married, ask God to help you make the right choice; don’t rush into it.

Please share to educate others. Someone might need this.

To your continuous growth and wellness.

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