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  1. Double standards. Don’t have the mentality of you can do little or no wrong and he is to blame for every mess in your love life
  2. Refusal to move on. Don’t dwell on an issue that you both have addressed. Learn to look forward
  3. Unlovable tendencies. Don’t frustrate his attempt to love you by being picky, withdrawing, rigid, difficult and harsh
  4. Silent treatment. Don’t shut out the same man you claim to love even when angry with him. This solves nothing
  5. Blowing things out of proportion. Don’t magnify an issue that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Don’t exaggerate just to show him how badly he has messed up
  6. Condescending attitude. Don’t belittle him, or talk to him in a disrespectful way even if you earn more than him
  7. Dependency on feelings. Learn to control your emotions and don’t be shifty and inconsistent, you’re hot then cold, in then out
  8. Materialism. Don’t make life to be about things. It’s good to have a good lifestyle but don’t be superficial. Have depth
  9. Impatience. Appreciate his growth. Growth is growth no matter how big or slow. Appreciate the process you two have to go through
  10. Flirting. Don’t flirt with other men claiming you are bored. That is a form of unfaithfulness
  11. Baseless suspicion. Don’t assume he is doing wrong or is cheating based on your own personal insecurities
  12. Forcing issues. Don’t force your man to be who he is not. Don’t wish him to be another man you admire, in fact, don’t admire another man above him. Inspire him to be the best

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