There are five reasons a woman gets attached to a man after sex.

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✓ Women naively believe what they hear.

The way to a woman is through her ears. For a man to sleep with a woman, he says what the woman wants to hear:

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. You are so smart, focused and intelligent.”
This way, she doesn’t feel like he’s taking her for a fool. And whoops, she falls to his trap!

✓ Women believe in love.

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Outside marriage, men are just cheaters (irresponsible men). For men, there’s no love gained or lost. After sex, a man walks away with zero feelings. The game is over. She’s left confused and wounded. Women don’t easily slow down after intimacy.

✓ Women are more emotional by nature.

The woman’s body releases volumes of oxytocin during intimacy. This is the hormone responsible for bonding. She naturally gets emotionally attached to the man she slept with. And the more time he took with her, the more attached she becomes.

✓ Women are nurturers by nature.

Women unconsciously nurture relationships the same way they nurture babies. Women foster and nourish whatever comes their way including grownup men.

✓ Sex for women is an act of submission.

When a woman sleeps with a man, she totally trusts him. In sex, a woman surrenders her life, will and body to the man to do with her as he wishes. That’s why women get broken to pieces when relationships break down.

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