There’s a difference between PACKAGING and LYING

GodGift Ifunanya
2 Min Read

You are squatting with your friends in mushin, you told the lady you’re asking out that you’re living in a 2 bedroom apartment in Lekki,

Sir, that is lying, not packaging.

You said you graduated with a first class, whereas you left school with a pass, that’s not packaging, that’s lying.

You say you work in the bank, whereas you’re operating a POS shop, POS na Bank?

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Even packaging with an intentional motive to pass the wrong message to someone is lying

You used make up to cover tribal mark in a relationship of 3 full years, your fiance dinor know you have tribal mark, that’s no longer packaging, that’s liekaging

You are wearing fake hips, fake buttocks, fake breast, your innocent fiance thinks you got it, he can’t wait for wedding night (e go shock am) Aunty, that is not packaging, you’re a certified liar.

Lions and Lionesses.

There’s nothing wrong in packaging yourself and looking good.

There’s nothing bad in excellence and class, but it’s important you do not pass false information to your partner under the guise of packaging

TRUTH is the best foundation to build your relationship on.

Remember, after the wedding, they’ll find out who you really are (physically and otherwise).

Let your partner know the real you.

Be Real.

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