UBA Foundation urges Nigerians to extend affection beyond materialism

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Amaka Chiwuike Uba Foundation (ACUF), has urged Nigerians to use the coincidence of Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday on Feb. 14 to extend affections beyond materialism.
Executive Director of ACUF, Prof. Chiwuike Uba, made the call on Thursday in Enugu while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the essence of the two significant events of the year happening same day.

NAN reports that Feb. 14 is St. Valentine’s Day, a day celebrated worldwide as Lovers’ Day, while Ash Wednesday, which signifies the beginning of Lent (Christian fasting period), also falls on same day.

Uba said that it was a remarkable twist of fate that 2024 is seeing Valentine’s Day coinciding with Ash Wednesday, an introspective and spiritually- significant period observed by Christians worldwide.
According to him, this coincidence provokes contemplation on the intersection of romantic love and spiritual devotion.

He said that the juxtaposition of the two contrasting great days should compel Nigerians to ponder on the harmony between romantic love on one hand and self-discipline, desire and sacrifice on the other.

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“It beckons us to reflect on the essence of our desires and commitments, prompting a deeper examination of love, not solely as a pursuit of romance but as a multifaceted concept encompassing compassion, selflessness and dedication.
“This remarkable juncture challenges the superficial commercialisation of love, urging individuals to extend their expressions of affection beyond materialism to encompass acts of kindness, understanding and empathy as meaningful expressions of affection.
“This unique overlap also invites introspection on the practice of sacrifice, a fundamental observance during the Lenten season.
“It prompts us to contemplate the sacrifices made for the welfare of others and emphasises the value of selflessness in the realm of love.
“Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to reassess our priorities and acknowledge love as a force that transcends material pursuits, flourishing in acts of service, compassion and understanding,” he said.
According to Uba, this month of February presents an unparalleled occasion for profound introspection, a reevaluation of our priorities and an exploration of love’s multifaceted essence.

“It prompts a poignant recognition of the profound significance of compassion, unwavering devotion and selflessness in shaping our interactions with others.
“It also invites us to contemplate the transformative power of sacrifice in our personal and spiritual evolution,” he said.

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