GodGift Ifunanya
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  1. He makes it clear to her because he wants to secure her for himself
  2. His conversations with her will not be just about sex
  3. He will hate it when she talks negatively about herself. Why is she putting down the Queen he loves?
  4. He will be open and transparent to prove to her that she can trust him because her peace is important to him
  5. He will protect her from himself, his family and his friends
  6. He will work hard to make her proud because her admiration inspires him to do more
  7. He will drop off or keep a distance from friends who she is uncomfortable with
  8. He will listen to her counsel and value her opinion even if he will not live by it and he will lovingly and respectfully explain to her when he doesn’t agree with her
  9. He will allow her to be there for him because he knows he needs her
  10. He will make time for her even if for a short while and will communicate when he can’t because he doesn’t want her to think he is too busy for her
  11. He will hurt when he hurts her and will be quick to apologise
  12. He will make an attempt to be a better man in the areas she complains about. He may not be perfect but you will see effort
  13. Those who bless her will bless him, those who wrong her will wrong him. Her battles and victories will become his
  14. He will seek to understand her emotional wounds and help her heal
  15. He will not stand in the way of her growth. He will actually challenge her to be better
  16. He waters her with compliments and praise, boosting her self-esteem
  17. He puts down his ego and gets to serve her because he loves making her smile
  18. He will love her in a manner that pleases the God who created her

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