Why Relationship!

GodGift Ifunanya
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Dating is not a favour…
Engagement is not ownership..
Marriage is not Slavery…

When you’re dating someone, don’t see it as a favour rather it should be a mutual feeling, respect and understanding.

Why relationship?

To know weakness and strength.
To test compatibility..
To build friendship..
To bring out the best in a partner.
To plan together..
To build intimacy through communication.
To settle down…

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When your relationship is not working inline with the purpose, then there is every need to ask ” Is this what we planned for???

In what situation should I ask this question?

~ When there is break in communication..
~ when you were told not to demand for explanation..
~ When your partner is not afraid to lose you..
~ When you’re seen as an option not a choice.
~ When cheating becomes his/ her way of life
~ When your calls, messages are overlooked..


∆ Know your stand ( Is either you’re in or out)
∆ If you can’t talk about it, there is no need to continue
∆ If your calls , SMS, chat, are overlooked, don’t push hard, just give it to time.
∆ Don’t wait in vacuum, have a reason to wait..
∆ Control your feelings and urge..
∆ If you’re confused, please sort for counselling.

Love Is A Beautiful Thing But Be Wise Not Everyone Have Come To Stay..

I really hope this help someone

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