Why some people don’t enjoy sex

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    Love is the greatest aphrodisiac; when you are in love with someone, you find everything about them sexy, you surrender to pleasure. Sex is more than getting to the climax, it’s an act of intimacy, it’s also about the journey that leads to the climax and the reason why the climax is special. That’s why you should marry the one you are in love with.
    When you are making love, free your mind and pleasure will follow. Put the stress aside, stop thinking about the baby, about the bills, about your responsibilities, whether your skin is too sweaty, whether you’re making too much noise, whether you’re doing it right, whether you are hard or wet enough. Stop worrying, you and your spouse deserve this moment of pleasure. Pleasure is first sought after in the mind.
    When you compare and make your expectation of what good sex is based on what you read in magazines, what you read online and what you hear from friends; when you compare the size of your hubby’s tool with what you hear from friends, compare your wife’s body and tricks with what you hear; you will not enjoy sex with your spouse. Sex is custom-made for every couple, leave the world behind, it’s just you two.
    Pornography confuses you, it plants images of strangers in your mind. Pornography becomes addictive as you are ever searching for the next steamy scene by strangers on screens. Slowly you become numb to your spouse’s sexiness as you drool over strangers; even when you climax, it’s not because you are thinking about your spouse but because you are thinking of porn stars. Pornography is like taking a walk with your spouse in the streets and desiring every person who passes your way, you wouldn’t do that in the streets, why do that on screens?
    Sleeping with many people drains you, eventually, you feel lost. Eventhough sex takes you to a form of high, sex comes with deep feelings of emptines

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