Wisdom For Matured Ladies.

GodGift Ifunanya
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Being a man is something else; sometimes men don’t speak, but want to be heard and understood. They want women to know that when they don’t want to be bothered or disturbed, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have fallen out of love with you or have found someone else.

All they need is just time to think, and in order not to be disturbed or distracted from such a process, they prefer to be left alone. Maybe because they are not as multitasked as women are. Talking is their natural way of solving things; they believe thinking alone is the best way. That’s how they are wired.

Sometimes they get trapped in thinking without results. There are times they need a friend who will listen to them, not for a solution but to know what they have been struggling with, to understand their frustration, and to see the difficulty they are faced with. They do so for you to understand and calm us down with your words, touch, comfort, etc.

Truth is: sometimes men are misunderstood. Instead of women listening to their fears, difficulty, struggles, and putting herself in their shoes to understand what is happening to them and calm them down, they rather blow the issue out of proportion. They prefer getting into the same mood and tries to make sense out of what they are thinking and link it to something else. It’s really frustrating.

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When you do that, men don’t only get lost, but tend to distance themselves from you and finds it hard to voice out their frustration next time.

Dear ladies. When you find your man thinking about something and even asking about it, he prefers to say nothing. And that makes you worry even more. He opens up to you as a friend, someone who will comfort him.

Love for a man could mean a whole lot of things. Sometimes it’s comfort; it is how you calm us down and drive away our fears. Your comfort to your man, especially in a time of distress, confusion, anger, stress, and frustration, is like sunshine after the rain.

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