You are served what you ordered for!

GodGift Ifunanya
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When you go to a restaurant, of course there are always several meals on the menu, but you are asked a question

“What would YOU Like to have?” (you can’t have everything on the menu)

You are served what YOU order for.

You will see other people eating different meals that they liked and ordered for, some will look at you disapprovingly because you ordered something they dislike (one man’s meat, another man’s poison).
This is Life

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A Life Partner is like a Meal you order at a restaurant.

You ordered for someone that YOU like, that likes you back, and gives you happiness.

You saw their weaknesses (not that you were blind to it), they’re not perfect, you understood the implications of this, but you still ordered, even when you could have ordered something different.

Never allow anybody mock your choice.

Never allow anybody make you change your mind for some one that (1) you love, (2) who loves you too, and (3) Whom you are happy and find peace of mind with (4) you are compatible with, medically etc …..

Your friend is telling you that your fiancee is not pretty, are you marrying her for him?

Your Sister is telling you that your husband-to-be is too cool headed and reserved, she doesn’t like him, are you marrying him for her?

Listen to what people are saying, but in the end, as long as they love God, love you, aren’t abusive, aren’t taking advantage of you, do not end relationships because a friend of yours, or a family member doesn’t like an aspect (a flaw) of someone you want to marry.

Everybody orders what they like in a restaurant, not what Everybody likes.

Rice, or Beans, Order what YOU like.

Marry well 😍

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