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1) Always threatening to Leave

Whenever there’s an argument, next thing you do is threaten to leave or bring divorce into the equation.
Because you know they love you and care about the relationship/marriage, and the thought of losing you and what you share is torture to them.

“I’m going to leave you”

“I’ll walk out and not look back, and you’ll be all alone”

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You do this every single time there’s a misunderstanding.

Eventually, they’ll get tired and come to the point where they actually want you to leave. Yes. And then, the tables will turn.

2) Blocking your Partner after every disagreement.

You quarrel this minute, you block them on all your social media platforms the next minute, ordinary quarrel oh, not as if you both agreed to end the relationship.

You unblock them after some days and you guys reconcile, then you do it again following the next misunderstanding.

Just to torture them emotionally.

Please don’t be offended, do you have small spiritual problem?

Or it’s your milk teeth that is disturbing you?

3) Taking your Relationship battles to social Media anytime there’s a fight.

Once you quarrel with your partner, you jump straight to WhatsApp like a kangaroo to update your status.

“Man/Woman will stain your white”

“trust nobody, only God will not fail you”

“Relationship is a scam, I’m an independent woman”

You turn your private relationship battles to status and posts. You think we don’t know.

We will soon seize that your phone.

4) Vengeful Spirit.

Every time your partner offends you, you MUST revenge.

Like, you will plot, plan, and carry out a revenge to get back at them before you feel okay, even when they’ve already apologised.

The Avengers will soon hire you.

Until you revenge and lose your relationship/marriage.
. If you do these things regularly, please GROW UP.

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