GodGift Ifunanya
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  1. Kiss her when she least expects it. She’ll feel wanted
  2. Tell her “I love you” in the middle of her talking to you. She’ll end up smiling
  3. Text her in the middle of the day just to tell her “I miss you”. She’ll feel thought of
  4. Insist you will not start eating until she comes to sit down and you eat together. She’ll feel special
  5. Occasionally leave little notes of warm words under her pillow, on the fridge, in her hand bag or on her car seat. She’ll feel cared for
  6. Help her with house chores even without her asking. She’ll feel part of a team
  7. Touch/grab or rub her bum when she is cooking. She’ll feel like a woman
  8. Pretend you’ve forgotten her birthday then surprise her in the middle of the day with a gift. She’ll feel excited
  9. Occasionally give her mother a phonecall just to wish her a good day as her son-in-love. She’ll feel surrounded by love

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