Buhari vindicated himself when he told a journalist why he won’t take world bank advice

GodGift Ifunanya
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An Elder Statesman From Adamawa state and a Retired NIPSS Director, Professor Emeritus Ibrahim Lawal has alleged that former President Muhammadu Buhari’s refusal to heed the World Bank’s advice to remove the fuel subsidy has been vindicated with the economic crisis under the current administration. He argued that Buhari cannot be blamed for the current inflation in the Nation. He questioned why President Tinubu didn’t first analyze the situation thoroughly and assemble a team of trusted advisors to formulate an appropriate strategy for addressing the subsidy matter.

He said in an interview , ”What brought us to where we are today, which significantly is the removal of the Petrol subsidy. It was mooted during Buhari’s time. Buhari vindicated himself when he told a BBC Journalist why he won’t take World Bank advice. He said though the World Bank’s advice was the right dose to take to address our ailment, he is not convinced that it would solve our problem. 

And that’s why the former President left the subsidy issue intact. So I don’t think Buhari can be blamed for this. Why didn’t Tinubu first study the situation and then put together a team of confidants to look at the issue and address it appropriately.”

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