I Heard Another Explosion it was was Loud, I turned back and saw fire inside my shop_Maduako

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During an interview with a presenter , Jane Maduako, a fashion entrepreneur, recounted the devastating loss of her business, estimated to be worth N40 million, to a fire incident. She described hearing a loud explosion and, upon turning back, witnessing flames engulfing her shop. Reacting swiftly, she fled the premises and leaped to safety.

Maduako said, “The people were shouting that I should find a ladder to jump. I ran into the workshop and brought out a ladder, but the indoor ladder I had was short, as it was mainly used inside the shop. I threw the ladder down, but it didn’t get to where I was. I wanted to jump, but then I remembered that I wasn’t with my phone. As I ran back inside to go and pick up my phone and my bag, I heard another explosion. It was so loud. Immediately after I heard it, I turned back, and I saw fire inside the shop. Immediately, I ran out and jumped down. When I jumped, I started looking for my children, because I didn’t even know the people I threw them to in the confusion. There was no familiar face there. After looking for them, I then saw my children with one of my girls. I took my children from her and wanted to start making calls. My girls told me that I should leave the area so they could call the fire service to come and extinguish the fire. Then I went to a corner and saw one of my friends. Seeing my friend was the last thing I remembered. I only woke up and saw myself in the hospital hours later.”

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