His Royal Highness Igwe Ogu Obi celebrates coronation of 11 cabinate chiefs 

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The rich Igbo cultural heritage was on display when His Royal Highness Igwe Ogu Obi Don(Ezesinachim) Ebube Dike Ndi Igbo, Eze Igbo II of Dutse Federal Capital Territory, Abuja celebrated the coronation of his cabinet chiefs. Augustine Aminu was there.

For several hours on November 18, guests from far and near joined His Royal Highness Igwe Ogu Obi Don(Ezesinachim) Ebube Dike Ndi Igbo, to celebrate the coronation of 11 cabinate chief .

The carnival-like event was held at the event center of St. Augustine Of Hippo Catholic Church, Dutse Sagbagyi in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

There was heavy drumming, singing, trumpeting and breath-taking dance steps by various cultural dancers who thrilled the guests seated before the arrival of Ebube Dike and other dignitaries.

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It was all glamour and show of opulence, as  about 500 people that included members of the Ebube Dike’s cabinet, over 20 monarchs from all over FCT who came to show solidarity with Ebube Dike.

The mornarch advices the newly coronated cabinate chiefs to be conscious of the customs and traditions of the land and uphold them. 

“You all should join hands with me to preserve the mores of the land and learn some of the salient practices such as the principle of kola nut presentation and how to greet the king and the Nzes. As men of tradition, these are so fundamental.”

The Igbo traditional ruler said with love and unity, not only the Igbo but all other tribes peacefully coexist, and this would help Nigeria continue to grow from strength to strength. This means that the country would be peaceful and free of violence.

“Our diversity and population should be an advantage, more opportunities, and not problems. There is the need for the citizens to also exhibit more love and patriotism in favour of the nation.

He added that it was the responsibility of every patriotic citizen, regardless of ethnic or religious status, to make efforts in sustaining peace and progress in the country, while maintaining that peace could only be achieved through tolerance, forgiveness and reconciliation.

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