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At times we men are accused of not loving our women but the truth. Many men love their women but lack the means to express and outlet that love.

Men are creatures of love naturally hence God even said “Husbands love your wives”. In history, we record men dying for love since it’s their nature to give in love but at times we fail to show that love.

1) Presence;

If you truly love your woman be present in her life. Show up in times of need and pain even joy and happiness. The lack of presence of men in women’s lives raises concern for care and support. Just be present; be available.

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2) Passion;

If you truly love your woman then show some passion for her; not just interest like you just like her. Be passionate about her life progress; state of affairs; your conversations; and your physical affection. Passion simply means being live lively and behaving like you are forced to be with her.

3) Publicity;

If you want to show how much you love your woman then embrace her publicly, let your world see her; post her pics on Facebook; set them as status; use her as a screen saver; and walk with her in open public spaces. Women feel more appreciated when they are not hidden.

4) Partnership;

If you want her to see your love then allow her to be your partner. Create an inter-dependence relationship with her. Even if you know you can do some things ask her and allow her to do some things for you. Allow her to choose some clothes for you; decide your life to an extent; determine this and that. Give her that power in your life for her to feel needed and useful.

5) Privacy;

Every man loves his privacy so much, but that privacy destroys intimacy with women. You should open your world a little bit for her to see into it. Let her know your source of income; your past life; your nicknames; your life before her; your this and that few you call private.

6) Promotion;

Any man who claims to love any woman must dare to promote her

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