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  1. Gets you to start the day right. Morning glory has a way of kick starting your day with a smile on your face, warmth in your heart and pep in your step
  2. Gets you to good sleep. Love making can knock you out so good. Sleep is sweet when you take each other there
  3. Tightens the bond between you two, your love grows deeper with every pleasurable experience
  4. Helps you to know your spouse better. When the Scriptures talk about sex, Scripture says “Abraham knew his wife”. Love making makes you two let down your guard, you get to know each other deeper
  5. Calms your emotions. When you’re tense, angry or stressed, love making can give you great relief
  6. Helps you two resolve fights. Frictions in marriage will be there, but after talking about it and coming to an understanding, seal it with some love making. Be careful though not to make love and ignore issues
  7. Inspires you.
    Something happens to the brain after a sexual high. You can come up with solutions to save the world after climbing Mount Erotica
  8. Makes both of you feel special when you exclusively give each other your bodies. His body is hers, her body is his
  9. Inspires spiritual and emotional intimacy. With love making comes pillow talks and heart to heart conversations
  10. Grows your family. Baby making through love making
  11. Gives you a chance to be naughty. Unleash the flirty and cheeky you on your spouse
  12. Gives you pleasure in your tough days. You can do with a good experience, life can be a pain
  13. Heals you. Your body rejuvenates when your bodies collide in love
  14. Celebrates your union as God intended. Love making is God’s gift to your marriage, please your Maker

To enjoy all these benefits, stay faithful to each other. Sex was meant to make You two in one, in Your marriage, not to be the source of pain when you abuse it.

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