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Making a woman do your wish, honour you, adore you, celebrate you, respect you and submit to you for life is not difficult at all.

No woman on earth is difficult, except you married the devil’s own daughter whose conscience is practically dead and buried!

As long as she is a woman born in the image of God, total respect, honour and submission to you comes easy and cheap if you do the following:

  1. TAKE YOUR FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY SERIOUS: Wives naturally submit to husbands who are responsible and do not wait for landlord to scream at the top of his lungs before paying rent, neither does he wait to for the children to be sent out of school before paying their school fees.

If you want your wife to genuinely respect you from the bottom of her heart, you must take your financial life serious. Pay your bills on time, provide adequate money for food, clothing and shelter.

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Your wife can assist you but it is not her responsibility to shoulder all the responsibility.

Men who take their rent, feeding, clothing and the welfare of their wives and children serious do not lack genuine respect from their wives. Women naturally respect men who care about them and take good care of them.

  1. DO NOT DEPEND ON HER INCOME 100%: your wife can assist you to pay bills. She can share the financial responsibility by 50% but don’t ever depend on a woman to carry all the financial responsibility in the home. She will not respect you.
  2. OVERLOOK HER IDIOSYNCRACIES: we all have some little attitudes that may look annoying to others. A man who can overlook some idiosyncrasies and act maturely while correcting his wife in love will win his wife’s love, respect and submission forever.
  3. SHOW HER COMPASSION: women need lots of empathy and compassion daily. A woman goes through a lot physically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, financially among others to keep her home together. It takes compassion to know when she is exhausted and needs help. It takes compassion to show sympathy and empathy. Men who are compassionate towards their wives win their respect without stress.
  4. BE A TRUE LEADER: good leaders lead by example not by shouting and screaming. When you are a good leader and role model to her, she will find it easy to submit to you without stress.

Do not tell her to do things you yourself won’t do.

Don’t be a liar and expect her to always tell you the truth. You can’t be sleeping around and expect her not to follow your example. Whatever you do not want your wife to do, never be caught dead doing it. That is how to win her respect for life!

  1. PRAY WITH HER: Husbands who pray with the family, conduct morning and night devotion, organizes special prayer and fasting programmes for his family will win his wife’s respect for life! Men who are spiritually lazy, can’t pray and read their bible are a turn off for their wives.
  2. YOU ARE GENEROUS: generous husbands who buy their wives gifts and give her money even when she did not ask will naturally respect him. Love gives, love is generous, love is not stingy.
  3. YOU PROTECT AND DEFEND HER before your people. This is crucial. Some in-laws can be very troublesome ad seek ways to discredit your wife. A loving husband will stand by his wife. He will defend her in public but correct her in private incase she did what is wrong. And if she is right, keep standing for her.
  4. HE LISTENS TO HER: not just for listening sake but to understand her and relate better with her. Husbands who listen to their wives when they communicate and show understanding win their wives’ respect without stress.
  5. YOU SHOW HER AFFECTION. Women need plenty of affection daily to survive in marriage. Men who are affectionate towards their wives will win their respect day in day out.

True submission in marriage does not come by force, coercion, threat, manipulation, abuse, screaming, shouting and abusing. It comes naturally by loving your wife like Christ loves the church.

Do you love your wife the way God loves you, do you???

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