GodGift Ifunanya
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Battles are first won in the mind before the hands.
One of the very important mindset shifts you have to go through before seeing positive results is to begin to see things differently.
There’s no one who ever excelled that didn’t switch mindsets from fixed to unfixed or flexible mindset.
If you have been failing at a particular thing, I think it’s time for you to evaluate the level of positive energies shot into your mind.
The truth is, There’s no way your hands can win if it’s not in cognisance with your mind.
Your mind and actions should be saying the same thing.
And this is one aspect people ignore before starting out.
You have to make it a point of duty to first see the possibility of you winning before you begin to make physical plans.
Great things are first conceived in the mind. The ability for you to see you winning is what propells your ability to foster your plans and see it to fruition.
The next time you make plans, Engage the paradigm shift of the mind.

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