Trouble in the paradise as AY Makun and wife, Mabel unfollows each other on Instagram

Aliya Moses
1 Min Read

It looks like all is not well as AY Makun, a comedian and filmmaker, and his wife, Mabel Makun, are having a marital issue as they unfollow each other.

Mabel Makun recently took to social media, to post cryptic posts implying a turbulent marriage arrangement and crying foul about life-threatening concerns.

A closer check into the drama revealed that Ayo Makun and his wife unfollowed each other on Instagram pages.

Mabel previously caused a stir by speaking out about an alleged threat to her life. The interior designer said online that she would be going to the police because she could no longer take the threats.

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“The threat to my life is getting out of hand, and if anything happens to me, there is just one person to be held responsible. Headed to the police station,” she wrote.

“I think I have had enough. “I have been abused mentally and for way too long and I have had enough.”

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