We are in Modern Day slavery _ Daniel Bwala

GodGift Ifunanya
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Daniel Bwala, a legal expert, has responded to former Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi’s recent comments on Ukraine’s grain donation to Nigeria. Obi had commended the donation but stated that it was a reminder of the failure of the government to meet its obligation to citizens.

In an interview with Daily Trust TV, Bwala accused Obi of grandstanding. He highlighted Obi’s failure to propose alternative policies despite his consistent criticism of the government. He asserted that Obi’s opposition stance seems more about staying in the limelight than genuine concern for the masses.

Bwala questioned Obi’s commitment to the welfare of workers, suggesting that the conditions in companies where Obi employs people resemble modern-day slavery.

In Bwala’s words: “Go to all the companies where [Peter Obi] has employees and see how much he is paying them, then you will know we are in modern-day slavery”.

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