What does a SIDE CHICK do better than a WIFE???

GodGift Ifunanya
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ABSOLUTELY NOTHING a SIDE CHICK does better than a WIFE. Your SIDE CHICK is just better because you haven’t put her through what you have put your WIFE through, try it and you might even run away from the country for her.

How can your WIFE be as PERFECT as your SIDE CHICK when you have IMPREGNATED her 5times, sent her to LABOR 5times, ANTENATAL, POST NATAL, BREASTFEEDING for many years, CHILD CARE and UPBRINGING till each baby turns 20.

Also SCHOOL RUNS every MORNING and EVENING, COOKS FOOD for the FAMILY, you will also DISTURB her at NIGHT like a MOSQUITO, she will be in the HOSPITAL for many days looking after you KIDS when they got SICK, HOUSE CHORES and GROCERIES still to be done by her.
Furthermore, you the HUSBAND have caused her many CUTS down on her VAGINA, CUTS as a result of CS, what about SAGGED BREASTS from YOU SUCKING and your CHILDREN SUCKING, STOMACH STRETCH MARKS, PIMPLES and BIG NOSE you caused her during PREGNANCY.

What about VOMITING, LOSS OF APPETITE, some men have totally withdraw their WIVES from SOCIETY because of their African beliefs yet you don’t want to VALUE and RESPECT your WIFE, but only what you remember is that she is not ROMANTIC but your SIDE CHICK or SIDE HEN is…

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DEAR HUSBANDS, put that your SIDE CHICK or SIDE HEN to this LIFE THREATENING ADVENTURE and see if she can cope. Please learn to appreciate your WIFE, LIFE isn’t all about SÈX and ROMANCE, whereas you won’t be horny forever. Remember how she was before you married her and remember that you are the CAUSE of her WOES.

Truth is if you know what your wife is going through, you will go back to her FATHER with a BOTTLE of WINE and add EXTRA MONEY to her BRIDE PRICE. It isn’t easy being a WIFE and MOTHER at the same time, is a FULL TIME JOB.

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