GodGift Ifunanya
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  1. Wanting to do so much financially for your family but lacking the money. May financial breakthrough locate you
  2. Watching your spouse hurting because of something you said or did. May you be forgiven and you both move past the offense
  3. Watching your spouse wasting his/her potential. May you both rise to be the best you can be
  4. Watching your children hurting because of the marital problems you two have. May you sort things out and stop hurting the innocent ones
  5. Your spouse not understanding you no matter how best you try to explain. May you two get to listen to each other and see each other’s perspective
  6. Watching your spouse suffer through illness. May you both be blessed with health
  7. Watching your spouse backslide and fall from the Godly person they used to be. May your spouse find their way back to God
  8. Watching your marriage slip away, scared it might end. May you both salvage what you have before it is too late
  9. Being far away from your spouse and family in a long-distance marriage due to work. May you two finally get a lasting solution where you will both be physically together long term
  10. Having a good job that helps you provide comfortably for your family but you are so busy you barely have time to be with family. May you be able to balance your blessings

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